Conversion transport vessel into a hopper

De Waardt Zandhandel

In cooperation with Dutch shipyard De Gerlien-Van Tiem, ROHR-IDRECO is delivering an engineering and equipment package.

Project summary

iPump 500


24 meters

Dredging depth

1700 t/h


The project

This package is consisting of the Idreco iPump®500, sieves, jetpumps and valves, for the conversion of a transport vessel into a hopper for Dutch sand and gravel company De Waardt zandhandel. A 10 meter new midsection with the complete hopper installation will be added to the existing vessel.


About De Waardt Zandhandel

We are a sand trade and transshipment company, specialized in supplying various materials in the central and northern regions of the Netherlands. We can extract or purchase various types of materials ourselves and transport them to the desired locations.

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