Electric driven

Bucket Ladder Dredgers

This type of dredger is also designed for the extraction of sand and gravel from wet mining pits and comes in both a land-based and floating type.

The dredging depth of bucket ladder dredgers varies from 0 to 12 (or 14) metres for the land-based models and from 6 to 24 metres for the floating models. Similar to floating clamshell dredgers, floating bucket ladder dredgers are equipped with an on board processing plant comprising a double or single deck screening machine, crusher, fine sand recovery, conveyor belt or hydraulic transportation to shore.

Highest efficiency

Our advanced automation and monitoring software, developed in-house, ensures the highest efficiency and the lowest possible energy consumption.


Low carbon footprint

The ROHR-IDRECO Bucket Ladder Dredgers are electric driven (diesel/diesel-electric drives are optional). This ensures the highest efficiency and the lowest possible energy consumption.


Bucket Ladder Dredger series

Bucket capacity

125 – 400 I


240 – 760 m3/h


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Bucket capacity

75 – 175 I


144 – 240 m3/h

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Our 100% electric driven, high-end iBoat complements our portfolio of zero emission dredge systems. The iBoat is suitable for a wide range of applications.  


The brain and the eyes

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