The future of dredging

Automation & monitoring

The creative, proactive, and forward-thinking approach to automation is at the core of our activities. This smart approach leads to fully-automatic and remote-controlled dredging systems.

Welcome to the future

The brain and the eyes

Your dredger can be customized with the iDredge package that suits you best. It comes in three tiers: Eyes Underwater, Making Waves and the most complete package, iDredge For You.

This smart approach to dredging systems also includes the option for detailed data collection and automated analyses on performance. This allows us to offer bespoke advice on how to increase efficiency and reduce power consumption. Tailor-made programs for preventive maintenance or the timely replacement of consumables are offered, keeping down-time to an absolute minimum.


Eyes Underwater®

Eyes Underwater® includes an advanced DGPS Marpo Dredge Monitoring System in combination with multi-beam sonar 3D imaging and mapping, with a 360° scanner around
the installation at an angle of 120° to have better control over the excavation, the embankments and the deposit.

ROHR-IDRECO iDredge System-1

Making Waves®

Automation and Remote Control Package Making Waves® allows in addition to the above the dredger to be monitored and operated from a remote location, either manually or in full automatic mode. Full communication between the dredger and the land processing installation can be included, to guarantee the most efficient and continuous material flow.


iDredge For You®

The full iDredge For You® Package adds to that remote trouble shooting, process optimization, consultancy and preventive maintenance planning through the company’s Portal by ROHR-IDRECO’s experts.

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