Project Manager

Remko Groen

Meet our Project Manager who knows exactly what he is talking about: Remko. His former position as lead engineer has taught him every aspect of “his field” engineering. Now he happily combines this expertise with the management of our projects.

The best solution

“As Project Manager, I am responsible for the planning of our projects from beginning to end. Herein, I do my utmost to realize our customer’s needs. From the initial to the last phase, we consider the customer’s situation. Our objective is to create a solution that provides the desired production in the most energy-efficient and therefore cost-efficient way possible.”


Fascinating machines

“To me, large and heavy constructions are fascinating. Therefore, I like that at ROHR-IDRECO, we are in direct contact with our product. Ultimately, you can walk over the product you have designed together with the team. Aside from being a wonderful experience, seeing the product in real life is also educational. It often provides an opportunity for improvement on the next project.”

Strong team

“The ability to be involved from beginning to end is, in my view, an important advantage of our relatively small company. This enables me to be informed of everything and to experience the process alongside the customer.

Besides that, my colleagues and I form a solid team. In addition to working together, we enjoy challenging each other in mountain bike tours in the evenings or on weekends. I love how our rides combine exercise and leisure!”