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Kelly Polman

As one of our Sales Representatives, it is central to Kelly’s role to relieve the customer. She truly is your go-to person for parts and services! Kelly had previously worked in several departments within our organization before becoming a Sales Representative, and is happy to tell you all about it.

Experience within the company

“After school, I enrolled in a junior fashion management study, but after a while, I discovered it wasn’t what I was meant for. I took a year out and – to spend time usefully – found a job as receptionist at ROHR-IDRECO. That’s where it all started. Unlike my first intentions, I stayed at the company and after some time became office manager, and then financial administrator. Meanwhile, I even finished a business administration study.

But when a vacancy at the sales department came up, I decided to switch department one last time. By then, I already knew many of our products and customers! Now, I feel I have found my place perfectly in my role as Sales Representative.”

Kelly Polman

Serving the customer

“To me, every question deserves an answer. It is of great importance that a customer is being served by us, by whatever means. I take satisfaction from successfully helping a customer, for example when we can solve the problem if a dredger was down.”

Always stand-by

“The power of our sales department is that we can assist customers from A to Z. There is always someone on stand-by to help, be it remotely or on-site. Furthermore, we are there throughout the dredger’s whole lifecycle. Regardless of whether the dredger is 10 or 20 years old or more, we are still there with the required parts and services.”

Solid team

“ROHR-IDRECO is a relatively small organization, something I personally consider quite valuable. This allows us to maintain close contact among colleagues and as a result we can serve the customer more quickly. We are a solid team, consisting solely of specialists!”

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