Technical Manager Sales Commissioning

Cor Quak

Years of experience in the sand and gravel business have taught Cor the tricks of the trade. As Technical Manager at ROHR-IDRECO, he possesses the ability to think along with customers like no other.

Get to know Cor better:

Years of experience

“I have been working in the sand and gravel business for 25 years. As a technician for a sand and gravel extraction company, I learnt the technical tricks of the trade and have been part of commissionings all over the world. After a start as workshop supervisor at Idreco, I soon found my place at the sales department.”
But when a vacancy at the sales department came up, I decided to switch department one last time. By then, I already knew many of our products and customers! Now, I feel I have found my place perfectly in my role as Sales Representative.”


Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

“As Technical Manager, I search, in cooperation with the customer, for the most suitable solution for a specific application. We pay close attention to the lowest total cost of ownership. Based on, among others, the desired production, analyses outcomes and external aspects, our engineers prepare calculations. We use them to find the optimum solution, in which our complete dredging portfolio is helpful. We can always offer a dredger that is not too expensive, meets the requirements and works the most efficiently.”

Technical expert

“The technical insight I have gained from my experience comes in handy in my position: it allows me to advise the customer well, also in a practical terms. I believe it is important that we explain to the customer how to use the machine and train them in the electrical, mechanical and, most importantly, operational field so the operator is able to run the dredge in the most efficient way.”

Proud of the product

“One of the things I like most about working at ROHR-IDRECO is the product: every ship is a piece of quality. Every time I walk over it, I feel proud. The ships have undergone tremendous development over the past ten years. They are among the most modern solutions available on the market today.”

Technical hobby

“My passion for technique and machines also flourishes at home: during weekends, I like to tinker around with my Mercedes 190E 2,6 from 1992.”

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